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Remove Hemorrhoids with Hemorrhoid Banding

Banding Procedure

If you’re looking to remove hemorrhoids permanently, hemorrhoid banding has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions to chronic hemorrhoids (often called “piles”).

There are some good options for “over-the-counter” creams and ointments that may temporarily help some of your minor symptoms, but do not take care of the underlying problems. And hemorrhoid removal surgery can be painful and expensive.

If you are suffering from chronic hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid banding is one of the quickest and least-invasive procedures available. Typically performed right at a doctor’s office, hemorrhoid banding can be performed in a few minutes, with most people returning to work the same day.

Below, we’ve outlined a couple of the less invasive methods that can be used for hemorrhoid removal; hemorrhoid banding and infrared coagulation (IRC).

Hemorrhoid Banding

This is a common procedure that has been used for many years. A small band is placed around the hemorrhoid very tightly. This cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, causing it to shrivel. After a few days, it will fall off and the patient can get on with the healing process. The procedure is virtually painless, and it is usually quite effective.

Infrared Coagulation (IRC)

This technique uses infrared light, which is used to coagulate the small vessels found in a hemorrhoid, and so can be quite useful in smaller and less severe cases. This is generally performed in an office or an outpatient clinic, and is accompanied by minimal discomfort.

For those that need to seek hemorrhoid removal, it may be recommended to get a colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) as well. These studies can help a doctor determine if there is an underlying cause for frequent hemorrhoid flare ups, or if there are other issues that may be causing some of your symptoms. If you are suffering from chronic hemorrhoids, consulting a physician who can help guide you through this process to find lasting relief is the best way to decide on the right solution for you. Find a physician in your area or request a consultation online.