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Cost & Insurance

What You Can Expect to Pay: Insurance, Healing, What’s Really the Most Affordable Option?

One of the things people suffering from hemorrhoids should consider is the actual cost of hemorrhoid treatment. Whether you have medical insurance coverage that covers the cost of physician administered hemorrhoid treatment, or you’re paying for over-the-counter ointments out of your own pocket, it’s good to know ahead of time what kind of financial impact hemorrhoids can have for you.

Can you afford hemorrhoid treatment?

With an estimated 75% of all adults expected to experience hemorrhoids at some time in their life, most of the population will look into treatment at some point. Choosing not to treat your hemorrhoids may be an option for a limited period of time, but hemorrhoids rarely go away on their own. And, in addition to the irritating and painful symptoms, hemorrhoids can get worse, to the point that non-surgical treatment is no longer an option. This can lead to more serious concerns that may result in additional medical costs.

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The cost of ineffective hemorrhoid treatments

Unfortunately, there is a lot of information available online that purports to cure your hemorrhoids, including DIY hemorrhoid treatments and all-natural hemorrhoid treatments. While some people may experience a minor reprieve from their hemorrhoid symptoms, these treatments are rarely effective for the long term, and often result in unnecessary expenses as you continue treating the symptoms instead of the actual hemorrhoid.

Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments and home remedies, such as using topical creams or sitting in a warm bath, may initially cost less than in-office or surgical treatments. But as these offer only temporary relief, you often need to continue using these OTC treatments, and this cost adds up over time. Additionally, as these treatments target the symptoms rather than the cause of your hemorrhoids,you may still not find full relief from hemorrhoids.

Surgical treatments are more effective at treating hemorrhoids but usually come with a high price tag. In addition to the surgery itself, a patient needs to pay for anesthesia, the surgical center and, in many cases, the surgeon’s fees.

Compared to other in-office or surgical hemorrhoid treatments, the CRH O’Regan system is relatively low-cost. It’s notably less expensive than surgery. The treatment usually requires a maximum of three office visits, which also helps to keep costs down.