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Recurring Hemorrhoids

Recurring hemorrhoids are a very common problem. Just when you think you’ve got your symptoms under control, your hemorrhoids continue to come back. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of hemorrhoids. Swelling of the rectal veins causes the hemorrhoid to swell, causing pain, bleeding during bowel movements, and itchiness that will never fully go away until the hemorrhoid is completely treated. Even though home treatments like a sitz bath or medicated ointments can temporarily decrease hemorrhoids symptoms, you are still likely to experience flare-ups. Many people who rely on topical creams, for example, report relief from hemorrhoid symptoms for a few weeks – only to have the same symptoms return just as bad, if not worse than before.

In truth, there are some wonderful ointments, creams, and wipes that provide relief from recurring hemorrhoids. Many doctors even recommend these at-home treatments to give their patients some much-needed relief. If your hemorrhoids keep coming back, however, it’s important to discuss other treatment options with your doctor. The only way to experience lasting relief from hemorrhoids is with a doctor-administered treatment, such as the CRH O’Regan System.

Hemorrhoid Banding for Permanent Relief

Banding is a non-surgical treatment option with very high rates of success. The typically painless procedure carefully removes some of the hemorrhoid tissue that has started to break free and fall into the anal canal, essentially eliminating the problem. Once all the affected hemorrhoids are treated using band ligation, the possibility of symptoms recurring again is very low. Other available treatments have shown a higher rate of recurring hemorrhoids once the procedure is completed. And not only does rubber band ligation yield a higher success rate, it’s also a fairly simple process. And CRH O’Regan has improved that process even more with a band ligation procedure that is fast, painless, and demands very little recovery time (you can return to work the same day).

For more information about recurring hemorrhoids and possible treatments, contact a doctor near you. Whether you’ve recently noticed the symptoms or have been dealing with recurring hemorrhoids for years, it’s time to learn about CRH O’Regan rubber band ligation and how it can provide the long-lasting relief you want.