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Colorectal Health Clinic

Colorectal Center & Gastrointestinal Clinic

As colon cancer becomes an increasing issue for many Americans, it has never been more important to stay on top of colorectal health. There are numerous colorectal health clinics that specialize in screening for this disease, as well as offering several other services. A typical colorectal health clinic will be staffed with qualified physicians and nurses that are trained to diagnose specific colon and related conditions. Although all colorectal health clinics are different, here is a brief overview of the services that most offer.

  1. Colon Cancer Screening

    – It is recommended that all adults over the age of 50 receive frequent colorectal cancer screening. These tests can help detect the presence of colon cancer when it is still in the early stages and very treatable. A colorectal health clinic will offer a variety of different screening procedures such as a digital rectal exam, a test for fecal occult blood, and may order more sophisticated measures to evaluate the colon, such as colonoscopy.

    Each one is a vital link in the early detection of colon cancer. Most can be performed very quickly and are minimally invasive. The professionals at a colorectal health clinic are able to provide this service with caring and with delicacy. No one really enjoys getting a colon cancer screen, but when you are dealing with the right colorectal health clinic, it is easier.


  2. Hemorrhoid Removal

    – Many colorectal health clinics also provide hemorrhoid removal services. There are many different treatment methods for hemorrhoids and these clinics offer the option of non-invasive treatments that are very effective. Rubber band ligation (banding), infrared coagulation (I.R.C.) and sclerotherapy are some of these non-surgical options. These procedures are typically painless and most patients can resume normal activity soon after the treatment.

  3. Anal Fissure Treatments

    – A colorectal health clinic will also be able to provide you with anal fissure treatments. These are small but painful tears that can result from a strenuous bowel movement. They range in size and some can be very deep. It is important to receive treatment for anal fissures since they can become more chronic in nature, and become more difficult to treat.