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About Hemorrhoid Cream Options

Hemorrhoid Creams: The Pros and Cons

Hemorrhoid cream is often one of the first methods used to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, including inflammation, burning, and itching. While these creams do not remove the hemorrhoid, they can help ease some of the discomfort and other symptoms of hemorrhoids while they heal on their own. Several different types of hemorrhoidal cream are currently available, and each one has a specific use.

Many Hemorrhoid Creams to Choose From: Preparation H and Tucks

One popular hemorrhoid cream on the market is Preparation H. You can find this in virtually any drug store throughout the United States, as it is available without a prescription. Preparation H is a hemorrhoidal cream that is used to treat symptoms such as burning or itching. In addition, it can also provide relief from inflammation. Preparation H can be used if your hemorrhoids are making your bowel movements painful, or if you are simply seeking relief during your daily activities.

Tucks Cream is another popular over-the-counter brand that is commonly used to treat the soreness associated with hemorrhoids. Much like Preparation H, Tucks hemorrhoid cream reduces inflammation and helps numb the area to reduce itching and pain. If you find that other hemorrhoid creams do not reduce the amount of discomfort you are feeling, this is another treatment option that you can try.

Although there are several brands marketed as “natural” hemorrhoid cream, these should not be used without first consulting your physician. Some contain ingredients that may cause more pain to an afflicted area, and other ingredients may interact with medications that you may already be taking.

Treatment for Frequent or Severe Hemorrhoid Cases

While using a hemorrhoidal cream may give you relief, it is always best to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing regular reoccurrences of hemorrhoids. Although most hemorrhoids are not too serious, they can impact your daily life to varying degrees. Discussing this issue with your doctor can help you find the best solution to remove hemorrhoids rather than masking symptoms.

Occasionally, frequent hemorrhoids may be a symptom of a more serious condition. If you experience regular flare-ups, it is best to speak with your doctor. He or she may recommend a colorectal cancer screening. This is a painless test that is recommended for all adults over the age of 50, and for younger patients who may have a family history of this type of cancer.

To begin finding relief from your hemorrhoids, find a physician in your area or request a consultation online.