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Rubber Band Ligation is the Most Widely Used Hemorrhoid Treatment, According to WebMD

According to WebMD, there are many reasons band ligation is the most widely used hemorrhoid treatment in the world. And with millions of Americans suffering from hemorrhoid symptoms, it’s nice to know there’s a treatment that can truly get rid of itchy, painful hemorrhoids. If you are experiencing hemorrhoid symptoms, it’s important to compare treatments and gather as much information as possible so you can make the right treatment choice for you. Deciding on a treatment should also involve input from a physician who is experienced in both traditional hemorrhoid treatments, as well as non-surgical procedures like band ligation.

Below are some of the main reasons people choose rubber band ligation over any other type of hemorrhoid treatment.

Lack of Pain

Hemorrhoid banding involves placing a rubber band around each individual hemorrhoid, essentially cutting off the circulation to the tissue. This causes it to fall off (usually in a week or so) and a scar to form in its place. WebMD states that after a conventional hemorrhoid banding procedure, patients usually experience pain for a couple of days. While traditional band ligation can be significantly less painful than other treatments, the CRH O’Regan System was designed to completely eliminate pain from the procedure. For instance, rather than using a metal clamp to pull the hemorrhoid (as with conventional rubber band ligation), the doctor will instead gently suction the tissue and place a band around the area where no nerve endings are present.

Recovery Time

The CRH O’Regan procedure yields a recovery time of less than a day, while traditional banding may require the patient to limit activity for up to three days.. Still, other treatments such as a surgical hemorrhoidectomy may require one to two weeks of recovery time (including bed rest)!


Efficiency is perhaps the most significant reason rubber band ligation is so popular. Not only is banding less painful with a very short recovery time, but it may also be your best chance to get rid of hemorrhoids completely. In fact, WebMD shows a success rate of seven out of ten patients for traditional banding while less than five percent of CRH patients have recurring hemorrhoids within two years of the procedure.


Most patients only visit the doctor about three times for a complete treatment and most insurance providers will cover the procedure, making the CRH banding treatment an affordable hemorrhoid solution. Talk to your doctor’s office or insurance provider for more information.

To learn more about the procedure, schedule a consultation with your local physician today.