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How Does Rubber Band Ligation Work?

When presented with the options for hemorrhoid treatment, many patients choose rubber band ligation. After all, most ointments and creams only offer temporary relief and surgery is among the more extreme treatment options. But the truth is, even though it’s not as invasive as surgery, a traditional rubber band ligation procedure can be painful, time consuming, and may not produce the results you were hoping for. This is exactly why the CRH O’Regan banding procedure is so highly recommended for those who want a painless, quick treatment that really works. So how does rubber band ligation work?

The Traditional Banding Procedure

Traditional band ligation begins with the doctor grabbing the hemorrhoid with a metal-toothed clamp. Then, the doctor will pull it away from the anal wall and place a rubber band around the affected tissue. Once the band is tied off at the base of the hemorrhoid, it will cut off blood flow to the hemorrhoid, causing the affected tissue to shrink and eventually fall off. The patient will likely experience some bleeding and pain during and after the procedure. However, once a scar is formed in place of the hemorrhoid, it will hold nearby veins in place, thus helping to prevent recurring hemorrhoid issues.

Band ligation treatment typically requires several doctor visits, depending on how many affected areas the patient has. Physicians generally treat one to two hemorrhoids at a time.

The CRH Difference

Unlike traditional band ligation described above, the CRH O’Regan technique is virtually painless. Although much of the procedure is similar, doctors who perform the CRH O’Regan banding ligation treatment will use a disposable ligator instead of a metal-toothed clamp. The ligator issues a gentle suction to the affected tissue in an area without any nerve endings so it can be pulled away and wrapped with a rubber band. No yanking, just a soft, gentle pull so the rubber band can be placed around the hemorrhoidal tissue. Safe, comfortable, and pain-free! Patients who opt for the CRH O’Regan band ligation procedure also report a shorter recovery time (if any at all), many fewer complications, and overall better results.

For more detailed information about the procedure, or to find a doctor that can answer your hemorrhoid questions, use our online physician locator to make an appointment with an experienced gastroenterologist in your area today.