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Hemorrhoid Removal Doctors

Doctor For Hemorrhoids

As hemorrhoids become more common and afflict a larger portion of the population, quite a few doctors have begun to specialize in the treatment of hemorrhoids along with other diseases of the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoid removal doctors are now available in most major cities and provide their patients with effective means of removing this painful and irritating condition. While there are plenty of methods that can be used to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, it may take complete removal to experience total relief.

Hemorrhoid removal doctors are trained in a variety of different techniques for the successful removal of hemorrhoids. There are currently many methods that are available to patients and most involve a very small recovery time and less pain during and after the procedure. These doctors specialize in the following techniques:

  1. Infrared Coagulation

    – This is a newer procedure that has been found to be quite effective in the treatment of minor hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid removal doctor will direct infrared light to the involved area.. The hemorrhoidal tissue will often shrink after the procedure. There are few complications and there is very little bleeding when using this technique. The patient should be able to continue with normal activities within a short time.

  2. Banding

    – This is an older surgery that is still very effective. During a banding procedure, the hemorrhoid removal doctor will place a small band, usually made of rubber, around the hemorrhoid. This blocks the blood flow to the area and as a result, the hemorrhoid shrivels up and will fall off within a few days. This technique has a very high success rate, with very few complications noted.

  3. Inpatient Surgery

    – There are some hemorrhoids that are serious enough to require actual surgery. While there are many different techniques involved, the basic premise is that the hemorrhoid is excised from the skin. Special precautions are taken to ensure that the hemorrhoid does not prolapse after the surgery is completed. The recovery time for these procedures is usually significantly longer than it is for the above two techniques, but it will provide relief.

Many hemorrhoid removal doctors will also recommend that you undergo a colon cancer screening as part of your treatment. Hemorrhoids commonly cause there to be blood in the stool, but often it is necessary to be certain that there is no other process going on which would cause blood to show up in one’s stool. A colon cancer screening can be used to determine whether additional studies (such as a colonoscopy) are required. These studies are very beneficial and can help detect colon cancer while it is still in the treatable stages, or can diagnose pre-malignant polyps, which, when removed, can avoid the development of colon cancer.